My First Post



This is my first post- so why did I start blogging? Well, I guess I tend to be a very withdrawn person, and generally don’t enjoy random chatter about meaningless topics such as Rihana’s new album (hint: I don’t like Rihana) or other tedious bullshite. So I end up having a lot of things… That just need to come out of me, you know?

I am passionate about many things. The most obvious one is my passion with technology, especially concerning Linux, but all technology related things interest me.

Secondly, I am passionate about writing. I like to write fiction in my spare time, though of course, I like writing non-fiction essays as well. My favourite genre is fantasy, though I also like Horror and Sci-fi, as well as the occasional thriller. Some of my favourite authors include L.J Smith, Christopher Paolini, Phillip Pullman, Garth Nix and various others.

I also enjoy discussing many controversial topics such as religion, science and ethics. I am atheist, and should explain way, but that it is for a different post, for it would be a very, very long one! I love debating science, be it astrophysics, biology or any new discovery.

Hopefully that is it for my first post, I will blog more in the future, as you will soon find out 🙂

Since I like giving my readers a laugh, and I have discovered the meme of the LOLcat, that is what I shall end with.